What (is reflexology)?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural, relaxing and enjoyable form of pressure therapy. It involves massage and pressure being applied to the feet, hands or face and ears (but is most well known for being on the feet). Read more about reflexology.


Who (is the therapist)?

Katrina is a highly qualified reflexologist with over 7 years experience having seen clients seeking reflexology for a variety of reasons. She has is passionate about wellbeing and is a friendly, approachable therapist. She has a specific interest in stress/relaxation and fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Read more about Katrina.


what are katrina's qualifications?

Katrina is highly qualified. She has a Degree in 'Complementary Therapies; Reflexology' which including studying both Western and Eastern reflexology for three years. She has numerous qualification in maternity reflexology and specialises in fertility and pregnancy. Read more about Katrina's background.


how has katrina specialised in fertility, pregnancy & birth?

Katrina has undergone training and holds a number of qualifications in fertility and pregnancy reflexology. She is also trained in fertility awareness (she is a qualified Natural Family Planning Teacher), nutrition and lifestyle choices for fertility and stress management. Katrina holds a "Diploma in Holistic Fertility" and "Diploma in Pre-conception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Reflexology". Read about Katrina and full list of qualifications


is there other therapies offered?

Katrina currently offers reflexology and fertility and pregnancy reflexology, using both western and eastern reflexology.

In the near future she is starting a natural fertility consultancy/coaching business which aims to assist women/couples trying to get pregnant by incorporating nutritional support, stress management, lifestyle choices and charting (of cycles). Katrina is a certified fertility awareness teacher and has a diploma in nutrition, diploma in stress consultancy, diploma in natural fertility therapy (looking at diet, lifestyle and environment). Her interest in fertility, the importance of nutrition, lifestyle and awareness can assist conception is why she is creating this unique service.

The Albany Street Clinic is home a number of established and experienced therapists offering a variety of therapies. See The Albany Street Clinic website for full details and therapist profiles.



Katrina offers appointments at The Albany Street Clinic Monday-Sunday 7 days a week at varying times between morning, afternoon, evening. Please get in touch to book.


where (is the clinic)?

The Edinburgh Reflexologist is based at The Albany Street Clinic in New Town, Edinburgh.

The address: 36a Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3QH.

Read more about the clinic.


what are the prices?

1 Hour: £42

2 Hours: £75


what happens in an appointment?

You will be welcomed in and asked to fill out a short form and have a chat with Katrina (short consultation) before the massage. The treatment is enjoyable and involves massaging, palpating, and applying pressure to all areas of the feet in turn. Read about what to expect.


how long are appointments?

Katrina offers appointments for one and two hours (it's up to you!). For your first appointment you will need to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to fill in our information form for your consultation.  


how many appointments?

Treatment plans will vary from client to client. A feeling of deep relaxation can be obtained with just one session and maintained with weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Treatment plans for specific conditions will vary, some clients weekly for 4-6 treatments then once a month. Treatment plans can be discussed during the first appointment or chat afterwards.

Note: 'treatment plan' refers to a suggested number of treatments, not a financial commitment. Read more


what is the cancellation policy?

Yes. Each appointment is booked when you wish and can be re-scheduled or cancelled any time (up to 24 hours before an appointment).  See the cancellation policy here


what if my feet are ticklish?

Do not worry if you have ticklish feet - the pressure applied is usually firm enough that this is not a problem.



Katrina is a knowledgeable and friendly therapist with over 9 years in practice.

She offers reflexology for wellbeing, relaxation and specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postal period.

Read more about Katrina