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  • Got baby blues? Exhausted new parent?

Reflexology is a safe and relaxing massage that can support women and men throughout the journey of fertility, pregnancy and the postnatal period, supporting the physical, mental and emotional changes and strains of becoming and being a mum and dad.


preconception care

In an ideal world the time to begin to prepare your body for pregnancy is about three to four months before conception. This is because it takes around 100 days for sperm to be produced and the ova to ripen. The most important developments in the womb take place in the early weeks of pregnancy so it is a good idea when planning a pregnancy to ensure your body is in the best possible condition to carry a baby.


fertility & infertility

Deciding to try for a baby is such an exciting decision. The desire for your first baby or to grow your family can be so overwhelming. It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples in the UK experience difficulty in falling pregnant. This can be extremely upsetting and stressful. If there is a physical problem diagnosedthe couple should discuss options with medical staff. However, many couples are told there is nothing physically wrong and there is no medical reason given as to why they are struggling to conceive.
Reflexology is by no means a cure and there are no guarantees but it is believed to help by balancing the endocrine system and reducing stress levels, allowing a deep relaxation that can ease the tension and help nature to take its course.
Katrina is a fertility awareness teacher (charting the fertile and infertile signs exhibited by our bodies each cycle in order to identify ovulation) and has studied nutrition, stress management and lifestyle choices for assisting with fertility. If you are experiencing difficulty falling pregnant please be aware you are not alone. If you would like support Infertility Network UK offers advice and support (including a phone line) and Fertility Friends run forums to talk to others in similar circumstances.



This is an extremely exciting, natural, emotional and life changing process. From the early stages of morning sickness to birth reflexology can help with the physical, mental and emotional changes that you may experience. Reflexology is one of the most relaxing complementary therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy and it gives you that all important 'me time'! Increased relaxation is ideal for your body to create the best conditions for your baby to grow and develop. It takes energy to make a new life, so cherish yours at this time.


labour and birth

Labour and birth are amazing, very physical events. Reflexology can support women in preparing for and during labour. Some women who become overdue have reflexology for relaxation.


Postnatal Care

After birth lots of the focus changes from mum to the new baby. However, you have just been through a lot (physically and emotionally) and also need and deserve attention and support. New fathers can also feel overwhelmed and can benefit from reflexology. Reflexology gives mum and dad a chance to be grounded.
After the birth the hormones change dramatically and this sudden decline can have a major impact on the new mum's emotions, as well as all the other pressures of looking after baby. Reflexology can support women who are suffering post natal depression or 'baby blues' by helping to balance, relax and gain precious 'me time'. If you are having problems with depression please let your GP and/or midwife know.


experience & qualifications

Katrina is a specialist in fertility and maternity reflexology. She has seen women trying (naturally and assisted), through pregnancy, the start of labour and postnatal. Katrina has a number of qualifications in fertility and maternity reflexology. She is also a fertility awareness teacher and has studied fertility and pregnancy related courses. Katrina has:

  • Degree in Complementary Therapies; Reflexology

  • Diploma in 'Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Postnatal Reflexology'

  • Maternity Reflexology Certificates (Parts 1 & 2) (Midwife lead: Suzanne Enzner)

  • Certificate of Competence to Teach Natural Family Planning. Natural Family Planning Teachers Associated

  • Diploma in Holistic Fertility Therapy(Distinction)

  • Certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation(Distinction)

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Katrina is a knowledgeable and friendly therapist with over 9 years in practice.

She offers reflexology for wellbeing, relaxation and specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postal period.

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