To book an appointment please get in touch. Once booked you will be sent an email confirmation. Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy


before appointment

If you arrive early we have a cosy waiting room for you to wait before your appointment. For your first appointment you will asked to arrive 5 minutes early to fill in a short form.



The treatment room is a peaceful space to relax in. Once you are comfortable there will be a short consultation before the massage. Any personal information disclosed will be treated with the greatest of respect and confidentiality.



Reflexology is very relaxing and calming. Some clients even fall asleep during the massage! Whether you want to lie back and relax, sleep or chat it is up to you - it is your 'me time'!

Each reflexology session is a unique experience and each client responds differently. A number of techniques are used to apply the appropriate pressure in the appropriate area.

Relaxing background music is played (alternatively you are welcome to bring your own music device and earphones if you have a favorite relaxing playlist or meditation) . A 90% organic moisturising cream is used.


The treatment involves massaging, palpating, and applying pressure to all areas of the feet in turn.


All areas of the face and chin are gently massaged and points worked on. Great for anti-aging, relaxation and releasing tension! You will be asked to tie your hair back and remove any skin make-up.



After the treatment you will be given a minute to re-adjust.

Afterwards a feeling of relaxation and balance! Clients report feeling both calm, energised and grounded after a treatment.


1 HOUR   £42

2 HOUR     £75

Please pay by: cash or BACS.

Please note: there is a 24 hour cancellation policy


How many treatments?

A feeling of deep relaxation can be obtained with just one massage. Clients wanting regular sessions are welcome to book ad hoc or you can have monthly, fortnightly or weekly massages (if wishing for regular treatments).

Depending on reasons for seeking a session some clients have weekly massages over 4 weeks then have once a month/ad hoc appointments. Treatment plans can be discussed during the first appointment or afterwards.

Each appointment is booked when you wish and can be re-scheduled or cancelled any time (within 24 hours before an appointment).



Katrina is a knowledgeable and friendly therapist with over 9 years in practice.

She offers reflexology for wellbeing, relaxation and specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postal period.

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